Wallpaper Border Murals

If you are fed up with looking at that bare white painted wall in your bedroom, why not try spicing it up with border murals. You do not need to wait until the paint turns yellowish or gray before you do something about it. Instead, take a trip to your local DIY store and discover how to transform your boring bedroom into a relaxing haven.

Border murals come in numerous different designs, colors, and textures. Take your pick from strings, grass-cloth, raised vinyl or embossed faux finish. These are just a few among the many textures that you can mix and match with, say, pastel yellow background with sun and stars design. The selection is really wide, affording you the freedom to choose which suits your taste. In fact, most larger DIY stores, will even have large folder sets containing vast samples of borders in stock.

Usually, the more intricately designed wall border has a height of 10.25 inches or 26.04 cm. As for length, you need to measure the lengths of your wall or walls to determine the total length of wall border required. The minimum length available is normally 15 feet or 4.57 meters, so you may need more than one to complete your project.

You can attach it at the lowermost or uppermost part of the wall using a wallpaper adhesive or in most cases, all you need to do is peel off the back cover of the wall border to reveal the sticky adhesive that is already on it. Peel off and stick – that is how most border murals are pasted on to the wall. Having said that, some adhesive backings are not always as sticky as they could be, so it is sometimes advisable to use border adhesive as well.

As for maintenance, wall border is not too difficult to keep clean. In fact, it is much easier to clean than walls with oil based paints. With a garden spray, spritz the area with liquid detergent, let it soak for a minute or two, and then wipe it off with clean, damp cloth and that is all there is to it.