Stencil Wall Murals

Commissioning a painting is costly, and many of the agencies that connect you to artists give no guarantee of the quality, or worse, they want their artists to copy from another work. Purchasing generic photographs of exotic places is not the answer either since they are too sterile and too disconnected. You are the creative type, and you want your house to be a sanctum of your tastes. If you have got a little free time, stencil wall murals could be just what you are looking for.

Designing the mural is the easy part. Acquire some large cardboard or construction paper and find a place to sit where you can spread yourself and your tools out on the floor. A back patio may be ideal for this, particularly if you have got little ones trying to help. Work and rework your stencil until it is exactly what you want. Do not let the medium stifle your artistic talents, either. You can do more than just make a border for a picture frame or a simplistic cut-out. Give DaVinci something to be jealous of. If you are serious about decorating with mural stencils, a stenciling class or two or ten may well be in order.

When it comes to actually making your stencil wall mural, choose your methods wisely. You do not want to pick a paint that will run or smell funky, and you do not want to pick brushes that will work against you. For simpler murals, you can use spray paint but this is best for fences and outdoor items. If you decide to use spray paint inside, make sure the area is well ventilated, and wear a high quality medical mask since paint fumes are not particularly good for you.

However most of us will be using brushes to make our stencil wall murals. Arts, craft and hobby type shops normally sell brushes that are ideal for making stencil murals. Many will also sell the stencil paints as well. If you feel silly buying their Goof-Proof paint, which is thicker and will not ooze beneath your stencil, the type of paint most folks use is acrylic. However, there is nothing to stop you from using other types of paint provided you know what you are doing.